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How to watch fiba world cup 2022 live FREE

The most anticipated sporting event of the year has already begun, and in this article we are going to show you how to watch the fiba world cup 2022, so you won’t have any reason to say that you missed this or that favorite match. 

With Qatar as the host country, the fiba world cup 2022 was highly anticipated, as were the latest global events involving the COVID-19 pandemic. Qatar is a country with a very rich and very peculiar culture and you cannot miss any game of the fiba world cup 2022.

Even with countless resources available, those fans who are more passionate about football, first of all, like to always have a plan B, in case, at game time, the TV fails and compromises the possibility of watching the long-awaited games.


Aplicativo para assistir a copa do mundo 2022 no celular

Here’s how to watch Fiba World Cup 2022, absolutely FREE

For the transmission of the fiba world cup 2022, the Globo television network maintains its tradition and remains the exclusive holder of the rights to broadcast the games live. Therefore, in 2022 the games will continue to be broadcast on an open network by TV in Rio de Janeiro.

Following digital innovations, TV Globo has exclusively developed its streaming service, through which it will be possible to follow all the fiba world cup 2022, for those interested in downloading the app on their mobile phone. The Globo play app has several attractions exclusive to the Globo group.

In an innovative way, the Globo Play application has compatible versions for the Android and iOS operating systems, encompassing the needs of the digital scenario. By clicking on the links below, you can download the Globo Play application compatible with your cell phone’s operating system.

It should be noted that TV Globo’s attractions are not widely available on Youtube, so it is not possible to access the complete schedule of Globo’s programming on Youtube.

How to download the app Globo Play

Locate the Globo Play app within your cell phone store and follow the standard procedures to download it, then follow the steps below and access exclusive programming, including the world cup games.

  • Step 1: Locate in the store and download the app on your cell phone;
  • Step 2: create the registration indicating the information that the application will request;
  • Step 3: Log in and set your unique password
  • Step 4: Use your Globo Play app and enjoy all the exclusive attractions it offers.

It is worth mentioning that, if you are outside Brazil, you will not be allowed to access all of Globo Play’s exclusive programming.

Casimiro Channel to Fiba World Cup 2022

As a second possibility, it is just as interesting when the Globo play application is through Casimiro’s channel. By clicking on the link below – from youtube – you access Casimiro’s channel directly, and already take advantage of it and register to be able to follow the fiba world cup 2022.

Link Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/CasimiroMiguel/videos

In an irreverent way, Casimiro’s channel will offer 22 matches for free, including the games in Brazil. Remember: to access the games, you must be subscribed to the channel.

See the days of the matches in Brazil

So that you don’t miss any matches, below is a list containing the days of the Brazil games, so all you have to do is organize the barbecue or make that warm popcorn at game time.

  • Brazil vs Serbia: November 24th, Thursday, 4pm
  • Brazil v Switzerland: November 28, Monday, 1pm
  • Cameroon v Brazil: December 2nd, Friday, 4pm
  • Round of 16: December 5th or 6th, Monday or Tuesday, 4pm
  • Quarterfinals: December 9 or 10, Friday or Saturday, 12:00 or 16:00
  • Semifinal: December 13 or 14, Tuesday or Wednesday, 4pm
  • End: December 18, Sunday, 12pm

Be sure to plan ahead to enjoy all the joy of the 2022 World Cup games. Our tips on how to watch the 2022 World Cup for free may have been useful for you to enjoy with your family or friends.

In our football section, we leave an exclusive article we wrote, talking about the World Cup, including a retrospective analysis on the balls of the world cup, in addition to other topics. We wish you good reading and good fun.

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